B2B marketing experts: Meet The Team

Meet our B2B marketing experts!

Here you’ll find our big thinkers, our strategists and our executives. From backgrounds in marketing strategy and account management, to masteries in PR & content, digital specialisms and designers & illustrators.

Alex Cairns

Managing Director

Alex is the Founder and Managing Director of Move and is a highly experienced global marketing consultant (fluent in Spanish and French) with over 20 years of experience. Historically, he ran B2B international marketing budgets running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds for industrial blue chips such as Michelin, Ingersoll Rand and Knauf Insulation. More recently, he developed and wrote the unique and award-winning “8 moves of B2B” marketing strategy framework. This framework is now used as Move’s approach to help industrial, science and technology SMEs and blue chip divisions achieve better results with their B2B marketing budgets.

Tim Hazelhurst

Non-Executive Director

Widely credited with being one of its first ever practitioners, Tim Hazelhurst is considered as being one of the founders of the B2B marketing discipline. After founding IAS (which later became global giant Stein IAS) in 1973, Tim later established the world’s leading B2B agency network, BBN, as well as the Association of Business to Business Agencies. Tim now advises and supports Move on a Non-Exec basis in order to help the company meet its global growth objectives.

Max England

Creative Manager

Max’s career has focused exclusively on B2B design, having spent 12+ years working on creative and visual work. From rebrands to global campaigns, his expertise focuses on international and industrial design work. Max now manages a team of designers at Move, ensuring quality throughout all creative work.

Louise O’Donoghue

Account Manager

With a wide-ranging background garnered in six years working on B2B campaigns, Louise’s knowledge lies in global campaigns for large-scale science and tech companies. With a strategic overview of all channels, she specialises in communications and content, such as technical copywriting, thought leadership positioning, PR and media relations.

Daniella Russon

Digital Account Manager

Daniella’s five years of experience has focused exclusively on B2B marketing. She brings an in-depth knowledge of digital multichannel strategy and campaign management, ongoing optimisation and reporting across international, industrial and science-led work.

David Smythe

Senior Web Developer

With 15 years’ experience in web development, David’s expertise brings proficiency in a range of technical programming areas. With a background that’s covered both start-ups and multi-million pound eCommerce platforms, he covers complete frontend and backend development, bespoke website builds and coding solutions for even the most complex of web challenges.

Ben Heywood

Graphic Designer

Before joining Move, Ben’s design background was client-side for international industrial companies. After five years in design-focused roles, he now brings skills in cutting-edge video production and animation, alongside creative and graphic design capabilities.

Sarah-Alyce Ward

Account Executive

Sarah-Alyce’s role at Move focuses on content creation. Bringing a mix of digital expertise and writing skills, she provides knowledge in SEO, link building and writing for online audiences, reinforced by agency and brand experience.

Lauren Rigby

Digital Marketing Executive

After starting at Move through an apprenticeship, Lauren now works as a marketing executive in the digital team. In her time at the agency, she’s gained wide knowledge in the latest social media marketing and digital techniques, which she uses to support a range of international clients.

Rosie Woolliscroft

Junior Graphic Designer

Rosie brings a crucial spark of creativity to B2B marketing, with a core skill set centered around illustration and design. Her background and education in graphic design means she is able to quickly interpret branding challenges and campaign briefs.