The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide

8 moves of B2B framework

The 8 Moves of B2B

An industrial marketing strategy framework for manufacturing, science and tech companies.

With 80% of the overall B2B sales cycle now happening in digital settings, evolving your strategic planning is more vital than ever. B2B marketers have seen the sector evolve more rapidly than ever before, due to the pandemic.

Decision-makers have had to look beyond the status quo and opt for new marketing platforms, shifting more and more to digital strategies. This has completely altered the communications focus for B2B companies. With more reliance on digital, it impacts the ability to trust in a brand.

In a landscape of such fast-paced change, using a marketing planning framework that’s been specifically engineered for B2B business could make all the difference. Pinpointing key target markets and identifying unique buyer personas has become crucial in modern B2B marketing strategies and planning processes. Every element of your strategy should integrate, from search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media to case studies, white papers and content marketing.

The methods that have been designed for this planning model have been developed over the course of 20 years, from over 200 marketing audits and planning processes for SMEs and blue chip industrials. Through dedicated analysis, we understand where your potential customers are and how marketing efforts can affect purchasing decisions.

  • Move 1: Marketing Landscape
  • Move 2: Competitor Analysis
  • Move 3: Message, Brand & Positioning
  • Move 4: Media & Marketing Channel Selection
  • Move 5: MarTech Stack
  • Move 6: Objectives
  • Move 7: Marketing Action Plan, Budget & Timeline
  • Move 8: Reporting Loop for Optimisation

You can use our “8 Moves of B2B” to:

  • Help quantify the value of marketing to your organisation
  • Ensure better alignment between sales and marketing
  • Build trust in your B2B brand digitally for your target audience
  • Identify thought leadership angles and how they can add value
  • Establish a platform from which to create multichannel content
8 moves of B2B framework

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