B2B Graphic Design at Move

Our world is full of choices, more options are simply a click or a swipe away. Businesses today have a small window of opportunity to make a good first impression. This is why it’s so important for your brand to stand out – getting it right the first time matters!

What does your branding currently say about you? Are you innovative, are you market leaders, or are you a disruptive newcomer? If you aren’t there to tell your target audience, then your brand visuals have to be able to tell your story.


Our sharp B2B graphic design work starts with strategy, involving figuring out who you are as a brand, together, and finding your unique brand identity. We delve into every detail necessary, from the perfect colour palette to logo design and visual identity creation. Constructing brand guidelines will keep your messaging fluid and consistent across all media. This is what separates the strong brands from the noise.

We set ourselves apart as a global creative agency by not only learning all about your company and sector, but also understanding your target audience. By doing this, we can establish what your audience relates to and what will prompt their buying decisions. Creativity often gets pushed to the bottom of the list at B2B companies. It’s our job to change that. 

Strong B2B branding should make you recognisable from simply a logo, a font, or sometimes even just a colour. We are experts in the global Industrial, Science and Technology sectors and so we understand what it takes to stand out.

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At Move, we keep strategy at the heart of what we do. We deliver fully integrated marketing campaigns and ensure consistent messaging every time. Whether we’re creating organic social media imagery, paid advertising assets, or working on website design, we make sure it all ties together to reflect your business in the best light. Our expert B2B marketers will create thought leadership positions and bring your value proposition to life. All the while ensuring these carry through the essence of the company, from your mission statement to your Twitter page.

B2B marketing campaigns are borderless and offer tons of potential. We deliver fresh illustration and animation to bring a campaign to life, for web explainer videos, social advertisements and other animated content. Having consistency in your B2B brand strategy and campaign delivery enables everything to tie together, from digital advertising and email design to eBooks, infographics, datasheets and print.


Web explainer B2B videos are a good way to make your business multi-dimensional. Done properly, they are a great long term asset to have. From the storyboard and content script to filming and post-production, Move has you covered every step of the way. Whether you want to add some finesse to your homepage, add movement in a creative campaign, or use video advertising on social media platforms, we can help.

Video content is a proven way to grow your audience in B2B digital marketing, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn. Web explainers can really get you noticed as your target audience scrolls through their home feed. They can be just what you need to take your integrated campaigns up a level.

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