International B2B Technology Marketing

Technology marketing expertise

Technology marketing is an art in itself. Taking a complex, technical subject matter and showcasing the right messages on the right platforms to full effect takes skill and years of B2B marketing practice. Here at Move, we have the expertise to do just that. We’ll help your technology be at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

How our specialist technology knowledge helps

In the fast growing tech space, we help businesses commercialise and drive awareness amongst IT buyers for new software, products and services. Manufacturing, scientific and technology clients face many similar challenges in their marketing efforts in terms of the technical nature of the sale and untapped marketing potential. 

B2B tech advertising and marketing differs when it comes to the buyer personas that are targeted. Specifically, the tech on offer is usually heavily specified and created to solve complex business problems or challenges. We’ve found this to be the case for blue chip companies and smaller-scale specialists, irrespective of scale.

Ultimately, we focus on developing marketing strategies and creating content that reaches the right audiences through the right channels. This starts with our unique strategic planning framework, which then informs our multichannel campaigns. 

We blend the latest digital media, inbound marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation techniques with traditional marketing channels and methods. This allows us to explore all angles, creating the perfect mix of channels and message distribution to hit each stage of the buyer journey.

From B2B software marketing to digital marketing for IT products, we make sure all tactics are aligned with objectives. This ensures a results-driven campaign every time. 

Whatever the goal, we’ll apply the strategy to help you get there. Find out how we can help your technology business shine.