Case Study: Centriforce

Over its 40 years of industry expertise, Centriforce has consistently pioneered innovative manufacturing practices in the production of damage prevention solutions dedicated to protecting people, assets, and infrastructure from harm. The company is one of the UK’s leading recycled plastic manufacturers with industry leading products. Centriforce has earned the trust of customers by delivering exceptional services and unparalleled product quality.


increase in organic traffic YoY


ROI from paid campaigns


increase in website traffic

The Brief

Centriforce approached Move to help boost international brand awareness, reposition its offering and strengthen the company’s digital presence. Using our unique “8 Moves of B2B” framework, we developed a marketing strategy to increase brand recognition and elevate market position.

This involved a complete overhaul of the Centriforce website, as well as significant restructuring of the brand’s architecture.

centriforce website
centriforce emails

The Solution

After auditing the current position of owned and earned assets, we determined how effectively Centriforce was engaging with its target audience of key decision-makers and B2B buyers. In addition, we identified industry pain points, trends and potential gaps in the market where Centriforce could differentiate its offerings.

Using the data acquired from research analysis, we launched a rebrand that successfully positioned Centriforce as the parent brand and its products as the sub-brands. We created a strategy around each core industry sector, producing content to establish Centriforce as a trusted source of guidance and solutions.

We overhauled their company’s existing brand appearance, modifying its colour palette and expanding their portfolio to develop more human-centric photography and messaging.

After successfully initiating a PPC campaign, we saw a remarkable surge in both impressions and clicks for Google Ads, surpassing the annual target in just six months. The total value of marketing qualified leads generated through Google Ads amounted to an approximate £86,426.53, compared to an ad spend of just £9,808.20.