New Website

Presenting our new brand and website for these times of change

B2B marketing is changing. 80% of the B2B sales cycle now happens in digital settings and strategic context has become more important than ever before. To reflect these times of great change we’ve also been on a journey of our own over the last few months to better articulate, visualise and digitally present the Move brand to the world. This has culminated with a complete rebrand and new website to coincide with the start of our fifth year in business.

Four years ago Move began life as a few B2B marketing experts in a little Manchester office, with a small base of UK clients. Things have evolved. Our multi-award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of ten now deliver world class B2B marketing programmes for clients as far afield as Canada, Germany, the USA and Australia. We have created a range of transformational campaigns that have reinvigorated client marketing efforts in industries as diverse as manufacturing, science, oil and gas, technology and construction products.

Our “We speak B2B” strapline has always spoken to the fact that we understand your market, we understand your challenges and we understand the critical link between brand strength and demand generation. This understanding invariably translates to successful marketing programmes, whatever the B2B segment. Our new messaging takes this a step further by highlighting the unique approach we have used to achieve this success for our clients, the “8 moves of B2B”. This B2B marketing planning model has been developed over the course of 20 years, from over 200 marketing audits and planning processes for SMEs and blue chip industrials. Pinpointing key target markets and identifying unique buyer personas has become crucial in modern B2B marketing and the 8 moves help focus efforts on achieving tangible growth for your business.

Our new logo is testament to the fact that we stand at the cutting edge of these latest developments in B2B marketing. As a dynamic, forward-thinking B2B marketing agency we have made a step away from the traditional channels and ways of working in order to integrate the huge range of modern, digital channels that are now available. This new styling also speaks to the fact that we are constantly moving, never standing still, to adapt to market changes on behalf of our industrial, science and technology clients. With clients in all corners of the world this constant movement is literal as well as figurative.

Our new website has been created with education and self-improvement in mind. We’re here to educate and evolve B2B marketing as a discipline rather than be “just another B2B agency”. With this in mind, we’ve put our groundbreaking “8 moves of B2B” at the heart of things as well as newly added insights on our B2B blog. If you’re an industrial, scientific or technology marketer there’s also plenty more to come in terms of bespoke checklists, templates, tools and guides to help you with the intricacies of the B2B marketing planning and campaign implementation process.

What have you been doing to shake things up and evolve the marketing effort in your B2B organisation over the last 15 months or so? Competitors are not standing still and the battle for digital dominance in your sector is only just beginning. It’s become the most critical step in the entire B2B buyer journey. We’re here to help you win that battle by helping you speak the language of B2B so that you can move your audience to action.