Our Services


Our approach as a B2B marketing agency is grounded in solid strategic development. This ranges from comprehensive marketing plans and audits through to more specialist industry research and reports. We also have extensive experience in global industrial B2B product launches, developing messaging as well as complete action plans to launch B2B products in up to 7 different languages across the globe and across multiple channels.


A modern marketing partner needs to be able to utilise all the tools of the marketing armoury and choose the best combination for each unique client challenge. From digital to social, PR to exhibitions and everything in between we ensure that we are at the cutting edge of marketing progress in order to empower our clients to achieve the most possible from their B2B marketing budgets.


Our unique planning process reviews routes to market, macro-environment factors, competitor positioning, value proposition development and the identification of value-based/thought leadership angles. It then goes into forensic detail on which channels should be used as well as providing a time and cost-driven 12-month action plan. The implementation of these strategies has seen an average annual turnover increase of 21% and an average margin uplift of 36% across all clients.


Sharp B2B design provides the creative and visual edge to our client B2B marketing campaigns. This can entail everything from brochures and product catalogues to technical literature. Where a re-brand or sub-brand is required we create and develop brands from scratch as well as ensuring that brand styling and guidelines are established and applied on a consistent basis across all media.


We have also developed comprehensive B2B advertising campaigns with multiple, staged layers and messages under a common theme. In terms of new digital channels, animated web explainers, infographics and technical white papers are further categories that lend themselves well to B2B target audiences, particularly where the benefits of a product or service are more difficult to articulate.


Driven by new technologies the digital landscape is forever evolving meaning as a B2B digital marketing agency we are always keeping up to date with new trends within the digital sector. Using a range of programming languages, we build an array of digital platforms, from bespoke informational websites through to more concise microsites developed as a knowledge hub for a campaign. We also build tailored product and informational apps designed to appeal to specific target groups.


A large proportion of our work involves using digital channels to aid campaigns. PPC is one of the many tools we use to advertise for our clients as well as search engine optimisation techniques. Further tools we implement on behalf of our clients include email marketing, webinars and digital surveys.


In the world of technical PR, there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ meaning our B2B PR approach as a marketing agency is very different to that of B2C agencies. On behalf of our clients we ensure international media buying, press release copywriting and distribution are taken care of. We then produce in-depth and regular monitoring reports to track the success of campaigns across a full range of media channels.


Using a mix of social channels tailored to specific market sectors including; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, we produce rich B2B content according to key target audiences and also utilise social as a key customer contact point. Where we have consistently used PR and social as part of a wider integrated campaign, we have typically outperformed even demanding B2C benchmarks.


We have undertaken the design, build, logistics and complete production of more than 100 exhibition stands around the globe for clients over the years. These have included a number of Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Science and Construction sector B2B exhibitions in the UK, Germany, France, Holland and the USA.


We have localised stock holdings of modular kit enabling us to provide cost effective multi-show solutions across Europe and North America (typically for 9 – 18 square metre stands). We have also produced a number of larger and highly bespoke-joinered stands, from 20 – 60 square metres, featuring a range of integrated bars, lounge and product display areas. 


Clients depend on Move for their complete exhibition solution, with everything covered from show documentation, stand 3D mock-up and graphics production right through to international logistics, on-site build up/breakdown and the array of supporting services.


Marketing automation refers to software platforms that help businesses automate their marketing and sales engagement processes to generate more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimise return on investment. At Move, we use marketing automation to integrate channels such as email, social media and other platforms as well as tracking website interactions to drive more leads and optimise marketing spend for our clients.


This approach offers personalised content that is relevant and aligns with what customers and prospects are looking for, whilst being able to automate an action in response to a trigger. According to a 2018 report by VB Insight, 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase.


Our tech stack is a set of digital tools used to optimise multi-channel marketing activities. In order to help our clients maximise their digital exposure, we are constantly adding the latest tools to our evolving marketing tech stack. These include software for design, email marketing and collaboration as well as the latest analytical tools for digital, social and PR performance.


Our clients depend on us to interpret the large amounts of data collated by all of these tools and transform it into actionable marketing tactics. This insight is presented in the form of regular and comprehensive media monitoring reports.