Case Study: Ionic

Ionic Information is a financial technology company based in London, UK. Its software products include ShareScope, an innovative stock market analysis tool, and Alpha Terminal, a financial and stocks analysis platform. Alpha Terminal makes it easier to access and interpret market data by enabling investment professionals to analyse and monitor market information on a single platform.

The Brief

The company needed a B2B marketing agency with knowledge of technology marketing and software marketing to help grow the Alpha Terminal user base. The platform, which combines fast performance with multi-asset coverage, needed better brand awareness to meet its growth objectives. A market-leading range of features alongside the company’s focus on customer service would be used to incentivise the switch in this FinTech digital marketing campaign.

The Solution

Following the development of a strategic marketing baseline, we implemented a comprehensive campaign which began with a new slogan and visual look and feel. The wider integrated marketing campaign then saw the development of a landing page build, email marketing programme, social media and digital ad execution, as well as a wider range of digital marketing channels.

A big part of incentivising sign-ups to the platform was the offer of a free trial. This gave the target audience an opportunity to experience the benefits of Alpha Terminal first hand, encouraging the switch from their current supplier and resulting in a major uplift in the number of business “seats” switching to Alpha Terminal.

Case Study: EIZO

EIZO is an industrial blue chip when it comes to tech solutions! Specifically, it provides monitor solutions for specialist purposes, such as video surveillance, air traffic control, medical and large office environments. The company operates on an international basis, with bases around the world, from Asia to the UK.

Repositioned brand in a changing market

Digital press coverage reach of over 150,000

66 new high-value contract leads generated

The Brief

Initially the EIZO marketing team approached Move needing a detailed piece of technology marketing strategy analysis that identifies how the EIZO brand is performing within the UK market against competitors. This would help define and align the strategy more closely with the expectations of its customers as well as prioritising marketing platforms to use in any future marketing activity.

EIZO also then required the development of a specific standalone campaign to respond to the challenges of the pandemic. As lockdowns were imposed around the world, more companies and top-level managers were having to consider home office setups for their workers. There were many factors to consider here, from mental health impacts to providing the correct equipment to aid the transition to working away from an office base. EIZO wanted to provide solutions for all.

The Solution

Move undertook a comprehensive three-month brand audit of the EIZO brand, surveying external customers and distributor partners as well as conducting B2B brand workshops with the internal EIZO team. This enabled the creation of a strategic baseline from which the brand could move forward and reposition against its long term growth objectives. 

From there, we focused efforts on a content-led standalone campaign for the emerging work from home sector. The user-journey associated with this campaign ended with the download of an educational eBook, which also collected customer data for each consenting download. 

Although content-led, the campaign utilised multiple channels to promote the eBook and direct audiences to the first step of the customer journey, including web development with the creation of a campaign microsite, media buying, web explainers, digital adverts, email distribution and media relations.

Case Study:
AZoNetwork offers scientific marketing publishing solutions within the fields of science, industry and medicine. Their range of global sites provide an education and news sharing platform for engineers, designers and scientists, focusing on Advanced Materials and key growth sectors such as nanotechnology and life sciences. 

Best small stand award

Record number of show leads

The Brief

Based around a series of several trade shows across the world, Move was appointed to create a positioning concept and undertake the full production of bespoke stands which could be rolled out across several exhibitions in the USA and Germany.

The Solution

With a raft of global exhibition stands under our belt, we came up with a design concept and then set about the full design, build, logistics and complete production of stands at the laboratory science innovations show, Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia, USA (winning a “best small stand award”) as well as Neuroscience 2019 in Chicago, USA and Pittcon 2020, also in Chicago. Further stands are planned for other Science and Industrial sector trade shows.


We were absolutely blown away by the end to end service provided by Move. As this was a major step up for us in terms of switching from visiting shows to actually taking space and commissioning the production of a stand at a US trade show, we really appreciated the hand holding and guidance throughout the process. The positivity of the results is without question as we took on more than 150 leads, of which several were high value, and were nominated for ‘best small stand’ by the Pittcon organising team. We are now looking forward to rolling out Move’s solution across a number of other US and European exhibitions.

Ian Birkby, Chief Executive Officer, AZoNetwork

Case Study:
Sharpe & Abel

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sharpe & Abel is a specialist law firm for the industrial and infrastructure sectors. The company provides a range of legal and strategic support services to companies facing complex engineering and construction contractual headaches.

The Brief

Sharpe & Abel approached Move as it was looking to take a more structured and long term approach to its marketing effort, using a clearly defined strategic planning process

In Australia, investment in Government-funded infrastructure projects was on the rise. This was planned to help the country and the sector recover following COVID-19 lockdowns. With more opportunities for contractors to make the switch from private to public projects, Sharpe & Abel were looking to offer support to the legal and procedural differences companies would face when making the transition to Government-backed contractual work.

The Solution

In the first instance, the solution would take the form of identifying a defined sector and devising a six-month campaign with which to raise awareness of its services.

Move undertook a strategic planning process for the Australian Critical Infrastructure sector, aimed at developing Sharpe & Abel’s proposition for this target group. As well as analysing competitor offerings and producing buyer personas, this process also created a strapline and messaging matrix around which the campaign would be themed. 

Consequently this campaign has been rolled out in Spring 2021 across a range of digital channels, with highlights so far including a doubling of website traffic and a massive increase in social engagement.