B2B Content Marketing Strategyand PR at Move

Well-executed B2B content marketing and PR strategies are what give your business a voice and let the world know who you are.

They are what take you from flat to three dimensional, from grey to colour, and from just another brick in the wall to the one that stands out. They can also create unique thought leadership positions that enhance the value of your offering.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy


B2B content marketing is your chance to show what your business has to offer and why you do it better than the rest. Adding well thought out, relevant and engaging content to your website or literature can connect you to potential customers and reach out to those decision-makers on a more personal level.

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At Move, we know that every company is different. This is why our content writers craft content around our clients’ individual needs. As B2B marketers, we take our content strategies seriously. Our high quality, personalised and characterful copy breathes life into your brand. With this, we aim to provide your target audience with an unparalleled user experience. For us, it’s never just another piece of content.

It’s important to remember that your words are still person-to-person communication, even as you try to influence a team of B2B decision-makers. This is why our B2B content marketing strategy uses different types of content, whether that’s a blog post, case studies, emails, adverts or a product description. 

Your brand’s content should be a unified voice, stretching across your website, social channels and offline sources. A disjointed tone of voice takes away from brand authenticity and can sever the link to your audience with a lack of consistency. Our global B2B marketing service means at Move, we can offer you great content in multiple languages. With this, we can help you maintain consistency across the world.

Our process doesn’t involve seeing how we feel on the day. We know that with great B2B content writing comes great responsibility (of gathering and sharing insight). Everything we create has been optimised properly for SEO, with relevant keywords at the forefront of our minds at all times. We understand how search engines work, and produce quality content that supports this. 

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PR andMedia Relations

The world of PR can be a hard one to navigate alone, there’s no ready-made formula to fall back on. Our B2B PR services aim to create audience engagement, interaction and trust. We want you to be seen and talked about, for all the right reasons. We are specialists in traditional media and the wider digital media mix. This can only mean good things for the reach and frequency of your brand name mentions.

The Move team of B2B public relations professionals are here to build brand reputation and maintain the relationship between your brand and your target audience. We help maintain your positive brand image, whilst showing the world the honest, relevant, evolving business that otherwise, they may not get to know. Whether it’s through press releases, editorial features, social media or blogging, we will drive visibility to show off your business.

A solid PR strategy is key to taking your business up a level. We take the time to understand your industry through and through, keeping up to date with any news or issues coming from the sector. Our agile media strategy allows us to be quick off the mark with any changes to the industry. This allows your business to lead rather than being the last to know. 

Supporting your communication needs means nurturing media relations. Having healthy media relations can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and relevant media outlets. This, however, takes time and a safe pair of hands. Our B2B PR experts have it covered.

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Good media reach doesn’t just come from earned media, although that is important. It’s also about utilising paid channels and activity to be seen by and reach the right people. This is where media planning comes in. 

We create tailored, strategic advertising plans that span print and/or digital platforms. By doing this, we can help you reach new audiences and achieve new goals, from brand awareness to website traffic and lead generation. At Move, we can get you the visibility and media coverage you need on a global level. We also provide the right expertise and connections for media buying, wherever you are in the world.

Our team is results-focused and strives for efficiency in every campaign. We find your hook and place your name where it needs to be. Where people are excited to see you.