B2B Marketing Sectors

What we do and who we do it for:

What we do and
who we do it for:
B2B Sectors

B2B marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. Product and service item values can be much higher. The typical sales cycle is much longer (in certain cases up to 18+ months) and there are more B2B buyer decision makers working through a far more complex buying process that demands more information and looped steps to reach a final purchasing decision.

It takes an analytical approach, clear brand strategies, an understanding of complex business and a curious mind. To succeed, you need to fine tune the art of drilling down into complicated and technical subject matter to find the key messages that will resonate with the target audience and buyer persona and then articulate it effectively. Here at Move, we do just that, helping our clients to develop their marketing strategies and convey these crucial messages on an international scale.

Our team of B2B marketing experts have a wealth of knowledge in science, technology and industrial sectors. As a global B2B agency, we’ve honed this knowledge by working on a wide range of technical business to business marketing campaigns and programmes. We pride ourselves on having a true understanding of what our clients do. 

We take the knowledge applied by industrial B2B marketing agencies one step further, with specialist skills in manufacturer marketing, technology marketing and science-based marketing. This means that we are capable of taking a complex, technical and intricate subject matter and articulating it in an eloquent, effective way. 

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