Industrial Marketing

A Guide to Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing is a subset of B2B marketing. It’s the promotion of goods and services from one business to another, often in complex industries. Industrial marketing is generally used amongst manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, OEMs, buyers and intermediaries. There’s a wide range of strategies used in the practice, which we’ll dive into later in the article!

If you have industrial marketing expertise then you’ve probably worked with industrial manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. The sector is also associated with larger orders, lengthy sales cycles/processes, bigger teams of decision makers and longer relationships.

Strategies for Industrial Marketing

There are some simple strategies you should be checking off your list during the implementation of an industrial marketing campaign, for example:

  • Content marketing to engage industrial buyers and gain quality pre-qualified leads. Content should be informative and provide product information, specifications, application information and capabilities, whilst giving buyers a positive perception of your company. 
  • Video creation to display and demonstrate how products work, making technical subjects easier to digest and more interactive. 
  • Having easy access to product samples and data sheets so customers can have confidence in the quality of the product, whilst simplifying the decision-making process.
  • Case studies to validate performance claims.
  • Case studies to validate performance claims.

Digital Marketing for Industrial Products

Generally, industrial businesses have a longer sales funnel than those within a B2C market. This is usually because you are selling to a team of people, as opposed to a single customer. When we look at industrial digital marketing, it’s important to consider the fact we are often dealing with expensive items, whether that’s a high-ticket item or bigger volumes of cheaper items. Therefore, the sales process needs to educate and build trust before a sale can be closed.

Digital marketing for industrial products is a cost-effective method of actively seeking your audience and adhering to their needs. When looking at your digital marketing strategy, your target buyer process will contain a number of key stages, including:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your audience
  • Learn about the competition
  • Attract buyers with insightful content that adds value
  • Support with ads where you know your audience will be
  • Transform leads into customers
  • Maintain and nurture customer relationships and loyalty 

How to Measure Success in Industrial Marketing

Setting benchmarks and goals for your marketing efforts allows you to measure results against those expectations. There are several metrics to track that will indicate the level of success in your industrial marketing campaign.

Industrial machine

To gain an understanding of the full picture, you should be setting goals for:

  • Revenue 
  • Qualified leads
  • Web traffic
  • New contacts
  • Lead conversions 
  • Audience growth 

To have a successful marketing campaign, you need to have the right person doing the job, whether that’s providing the relevant training for existing staff, hiring an internal marketing employee, or partnering with an industrial marketing agency. 

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