Revolutionary beam welding technologies

Global marketing campaign

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering

CVE manufactures and distributes vacuum engineering technologies to other manufacturers on a global basis. Its products are used in heavy process industries to weld together thick section joints on a huge variety of products, everything from wind turbines to civil engineering projects. The sales process for this equipment is incredibly complex with cost being over one million pounds, build time taking 6 months and the entire sales process typically taking a further 18 months.

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Placement of over 100 trade adverts

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20+ pieces of global free editorial

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Marketing material promoted in 7 different languages

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On the back of a highly successful sector-focused product campaign, Ebflow, which Move had undertaken for CVE, the company then asked us to address their main brand including a wider corporate positioning and brand awareness.

Our Solution

Over a two-year period, this has included the development and launch of a brand-new corporate website which includes new product information about their variety of products as well as the management of multi-channel PR and social media.